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User agreement
 Using or service
We would like to thank you for visiting our Website. Accessing and using this Website are subject to the terms of use indicated below. The usage contract includes the legal information for visiting and using this Website, a declaration regarding intellectual property rights, and a reference to the regulations regarding privacy protection.

You are asked to read this Usage Agreement attentively before visiting the Website or using it in any way whatsoever. Any other visit and/or use of this Website implies the full acceptance of these terms of use. If you have difficulty reading said terms or if you do not agree with their content, Livecamming & DNX Network SARL recommends that you no longer visit or use this Website.

Legal information about Livecamming & DNX Network SARL

This website is published online and hosted under the responsibility of Livecamming & DNX Network SARL, whose address and other characteristics are listed below:

Registered offices (address): 6 rue Henri Schnadt, L-2530 Luxembourg, Luxembourg
General email address:
Telephone number: +352 2088 0401
Fax number: +352 2700 2801
VAT Number: LU 23052515
 Agreement scope of application
Livecamming & DNX Network SARL aims to facilitate the use of and payment for webcam services, hereinafter referred to as the Content Service, provided by third parties, hereinafter referred to as "Webcam Performer(s)."

Livecamming & DNX Network SARL provides access to the Webcam Performer's Content Service and the option of paying for the Content Service through its technical platforms, hereinafter referred to as the Support Service.

The fees that you pay include the use of the Content Service and the Support Service. Livecamming & DNX Network SARL transfers the fees for the Content Service to the Webcam Performer who provides you the Content Service and receives the fees for the Support Service on its own behalf for providing the Support Service to you. To make it easier for you, Livecamming & DNX Network SARL may use the payment facilities provided by a third party to execute the payment transaction, such as telecom operators, credit card companies, or electronic payment organizations. Livecamming & DNX Network SARL does not agreed to provide a Content Service itself, but its role is limited to providing the Support Service.
 Prices and charges
Livecamming & DNX Network SARL guarantees you unlimited access to your account. It is only possible to purchase the Webcam Performer's Content Services for as many credits as the User account allows. These credits can be obtained in exchange for payment by the User in the method indicated on the Website, by purchasing credit packs.

The user can use these credits only with Livecamming & DNX Network SARL. These credits can not be transferred to third parties, or used in other ways, e.g., by purchasing goods or services from other parties. You can choose the auto pack option. By confirming this option, you authorize Livecamming & DNX Network SARL to renew your last pack purchase when you are using the Content Services of a Webcam Performer. Your account will therefore be recredited automatically. You can deactivate this option at any time by logging in to "My Account."

When no new credits are added to your account for 3 months, Livecamming & DNX Network SARL assesses a monthly charge of 10 credits starting from the 4th month to keep the account active. Once the account has a 0 credit balance, this withdrawal will no longer be applied. Livecamming & DNX Network SARL reserves the right to modify the services and prices published on its Website at any time, and consequently, to modify, update, or add to the provisions of this usage agreement. It is up to you to regularly check this usage agreement. If you continue using the Website once the modifications take effect, you will acknowledge and accept the changes.

Furthermore, Livecamming & DNX Network SARL assumes no responsibility for the potentially harmful consequences resulting from modifications made to the Website or to its usage agreement.
 Responsibility limitations
Livecamming & DNX Network SARL makes all reasonable commercial efforts so that its Support Service is always available and to secure the Website through all commercially reasonable means. Livecamming & DNX Network SARL takes all measures to limit inconveniences caused by technical failures. However, Livecamming & DNX Network SARL cannot rule out the possibility that poor technical actions or unauthorized interventions may take place or viruses may be introduced. For these reasons, Livecamming & DNX Network SARL cannot guarantee that access to the Support Service is not interrupted or that no other form of nuisance will be encountered. Consequently, Livecamming & DNX Network SARL cannot be held liable for errors, functional failures, incidents, and problems that may result from the use of the Support Service.

Furthermore, you hereby acknowledge that Livecamming & DNX Network SARL has the right to interrupt access to its Support Service, without advance notice, to detect or eliminate any cases of fraud or abuse, to correct technical or functional and operational failures. Interruptions are necessary to modify or improve the Support Service and to provide regular the technical maintenance of the service. Livecamming & DNX Network SARL assumes no responsibility for any harm you may suffer due to said interruptions. Not responsible for third-party content

Livecamming & DNX Network SARL cannot in any case be held responsible for the Content Service provided by the Webcam performer. The Content Service is provided by independent third parties who remain fully responsible for their services. Livecamming & DNX Network SARL makes all reasonable efforts from preventing illicit content from appearing on its Website. If Livecamming & DNX Network SARL is informed of illegal content on its Website, Livecamming & DNX Network SARL will do everything reasonably possible to remove said content as quickly as possible. Livecamming & DNX Network SARL strongly encourages you to inform us if you notice an illicit action on this Website. Parental controls, particularly filtering software, are available on the market to help you limit the access of content harmful to minors.
 Not responsible for technical damage
Livecamming & DNX Network SARL cannot be held responsible for any harm or damages that you may suffer following the use of the Content Service facilitated by means of this Support Service. Furthermore, you hereby acknowledge and accept that downloading data by using this Website in any other way is at your own discretion and your risk and peril. You are solely responsible for any damage caused to your computer system or data lost resulting from downloading data. Not responsible for third-party hyperlinks

Websites belonging to third parties or totally or partially controlled or operated by third parties may provide links to this Website. Livecamming & DNX Network SARL has not examined the content of these Websites and has no influence or power whatsoever regarding the content or other characteristics of said Websites.
 Technical requirements
The use of the Content Service provided by the Webcam Performer may be subject to certain technical requirements. The formats the Content Service images are provided in, as well as the video and audio players required and the type of Internet connection are indicated on the Website. If you do not meet said technical requirements, it is possible that you may not be able to use the Content Service. Furthermore, it is possible, due to the technical protection measures applicable on your computer, that you cannot use the Content Service.
 User obligations
You must be at least 18 years old or, if applicable law stipulates that you must be older to be legally authorized to use the Content Service, the minimum age stipulated in such a law.

Regardless of the provisions of the other terms of use, as a User, you hereby agree in particular to:

● using the Website in good faith in a reasonable manner not contrary to these conditions of use
● do not use any device, software, or routine to affect or try to affect the proper functioning of this Website. You also hereby agree not to perform any action which causes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the infrastructure of the Website (likely to cause temporary or permanent unavailability), or denigrate the content
● do not use the Website for illicit purposes or to harm the reputation of Livecamming & DNX Network SARL or any other third party
● do not link the Website to another Website without the prior written consent of Livecamming & DNX Network SARL

If Livecamming & DNX Network SARL discovers or has reasonable suspicions that you are violating one of the aforementioned provisions [points a) to d)] or any other provision imposed by these terms of use, Livecamming & DNX Network SARL reserves the right to refuse you access to its Website, totally or partially.
 Intellectual Property Rights
You hereby acknowledge and accept that the content of the Livecamming & DNX Network SARL, including but not limited to text, photographs illustrations, technologies described, logos, icons, and software, is protected in all forms, on all supports and all technologies by intellectual and/or industrial property rights, including but not limited to copyrights, trade marks, rights regarding databases, commercial names, domain names, know-how, templates, logos, and drawings. Livecamming & DNX Network SARL hereby reserves all rights to these elements.

The use of this Website does not give you any right to its content. You cannot modify, adapt, publish, distribute, or use any part, totally or partially, of this Website whatsoever, in any way whatsoever. You cannot introduce or set up a link to this Website on any other Website belonging to you or your employer or any other third party, or maintained or operated by you, your employer, or any other third party, without the prior written consent of Livecamming & DNX Network SARL.

You do not receive any right to the content downloaded. Any modification, adaptation, publication, transmission of content downloaded for any other purpose than your personal, non-commercial use is strictly prohibited without the prior explicit consent of Livecamming & DNX Network SARL.
 Protection of privacy and personal information
Livecamming & DNX Network SARL takes every measure to protect the personal information you provide to it. You can find a link to our Rules regarding privacy protection here.
 Saving communications information
If you choose to use the chat room or other interactive communications options, you thereby accept this information being stored. Livecamming & DNX Network SARL will save said information based on need in order to resolve disputes, provide assistance, and research problems as the law allows. Livecamming & DNX Network SARL will not share this information with third parties except in response to a verified request by law enforcement or other government officials in the context of a criminal investigation or suspected illicit activity.
 Contact Us
If you would like more complete explanations or a clarification regarding these terms of use, we ask you to please contact Livecamming & DNX Network SARL in one of the following ways:

Email :
phone.: +352 2088 0401
fax: +352 2700 2801

Livecamming & DNX Network SARL takes every measure to resolve, within a reasonable amount of time, any misunderstanding, any complaint, and all technical or operational problems related to the Website or the quality of its content that you bring to its attention.
 Legal validity of the terms of use
If one of these terms of use prove null and void and/or inapplicable, the validity or applicability of the other terms of use will not be affected. Any provision that is partially or totally invalid and/or inapplicable will be replaced by an appropriate valid provision, which is as close as possible to the initial objectives of the provision deemed null and void.
 Applicable law and jurisdiction
Luxembourg law governs the present usage agreement. Any dispute resulting from or linked to the use of our Website, or arising from the acceptance, interpretation, or compliance with the present terms of use and/or rules regarding privacy protection will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Luxembourg, who shall apply Luxembourg law, to the exclusion of international private laws.
 Refunds and claims
Livecamming & DNX Network SARL reserves the right at its sole discretion to refund its customers, only in cases of extraordinary circumstances (such as technical failures). Livecamming & DNX Network SARL will refund its customer either by directly crediting his/her account, or by refunding the payment method used for purchase (when possible). When a complaint or refund request is made, Livecamming & DNX Network SARL shall consider the complaints of other customers as well as all parameters and data that was recorded by our system. For any complaint or refund request, please contact out Customer Service Department: /
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