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Alias: Attraction
New model: Already longer model
Category: Women
Age: 25 year
Main language: English
Sexuality: Hetero
Score:   90,32% (227 votes)
Cup: C-cup
Hair color: Brunette
Origin: European
Constellation: Scorpio
Build: Slim
Tattoos: No
Piercings: None
With sextoys: Prefer not
HD quality: Yes
3D view: No
With audio: Yes
Privat chat: Not online at the moment
Chat language: FrenchEnglish
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My description
Je suis charmante, avec grand yeux , magnifique... Je suis pasionnee de faire l'amour sur une musique romantique... J'adore les bisous et tt les choses chaud... Vien me voir et tu vas jamais oublie moi.. Mmmmmmmmm
Is not my thing:
Mal personnes
Is my thing:
Calins et passionee
Le soiree et la nuit
Pretty girl with friendly personality and great sens of humour... I like wearing lingerie for you, high heels, make you craving for me... Forget the rest i'm the best :-))
Is not my thing:
Is my thing:
I love a guy who knows how to act like a real gentleman...
Whenever possible...
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